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We believe that software with basic features must be considered commodity software and for this reason should be provided for free.


Our ambition is to design solutions that work accurately, forever.


We believe that employees satisfaction and respect for partners are the key factors for high-quality products.


Today we face our challenge of creating software in the IT Service Management field.
KRIU for IT Operations our IT event collector is available today and is the first step in achieving our goal.

Build your own advanced IT operations management infrastructure tailored to your unique needs – we will help you on this journey, offering the best tools and practices for FREE.

By automating tasks, you will be provided with deep insights into events and incidents allowing your operational team the ability to prevent potential IT disruptions before customers even have a chance to experience them.

With Kriu IT, you’ll reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and maximise the full potential of your IT services.

How it works

Kriu collects, correlates and enriches data extracted from your IT services and displays the information gathered with the recommended solution to any issues.


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