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Kriu for IT Operations is a powerful and flexible IT Event and Correlation Management solution that provides accurate, real-time, and smart information to manage your IT services.

How it works

Kriu collects, correlates, and enriches data extracted from your IT services and displays the information gathered with the recommended action to any issues discovered. This gives your IT operational teams the resources to prevent potential problems and tackle any disruptions, minimising the impact on your business.

It’s easy to setup from installation to configuration and simple to navigate. It’s an efficient software that will detect the problem before it even has a chance to surface.

 Kriu Solution Flow

Kriu will help you achieve a high-level IT service availability and performance by reducing time-consuming tasks, allowing your IT operational teams to become more efficient and effective.

You’ll be provided with deeper insights into events and incidents that will give your team opportunities to prevent potential issues before they even arise and fix problems before customers have a chance to detect them.

You’ll know exactly where the problem originated and how it should be handled, allowing for much shorter recovery times that will enhance your team’s problem solving and ease your already demanding workload.


With Kriu, you’ll reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and maximise the full potential of your IT services.