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Kriu is easy to setup, simple to navigate, and effective in detecting software problems before they even begin to cause you severe issues.

The following is the three stages of how Kriu collects, correlates, and enriches your data so you can achieve a high availability and performance IT service.

IT event collector

Collecting events from external applications

The Send Event command

  • Lightweight executable that collects events from external monitoring tools
  • Local caching of incoming events to ensure reliability and high-performance
  • Runs on Linux and Windows

The Scheduler component

  • Polls external systems to detect relevant events and issues (email server, database, applications through web services)
  • Supports a vast array of scripts like PHP, Perl, Python, LUA, Shell, and more

Integration best practices are provided out-of-the-box for SolarWinds, OP5, Nagios, IYTM, SAP, and CCMS.

Data Enrichment

Correlating, filtering, and enriching the data gathered so actionable insights can be presented to the user.

  • The Event Receiver can analyse the events and discard non-relevant events, reducing “noise”
  • The Event Server correlates events to extract actionable insights for the user
  • The Scheduler enriches events by collecting additional information from external IT systems

Alert Display

Displays the alerts and takes decisive actions on external applications.

Once alerts are displayed, Actions are presented to the user.

Actions are managed on the Administrative Console.

Actions can be integrated on the following external applications:

  • Atlassian Jira
  • ServiceNow
  • OTRS
  • IBM Control Desk
  • Other applications through Web services/REST calls

Kriu user friendly web console

  • Admin Console allows management and configuration of solutions
  • Operators Event Console allows events to be displayed in real-time
  • Supports all popular web browsers: MS Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MSE IE
  • Responsive design that allows easy access from mobile devices
  • Supports extensions allowing new features to be added to the Event Console such as Maps, GIS, mass notifications, launch in context, and more

With Kriu your IT operational teams will be able to prevent potential issues and tackle any disruptions facing your businesses.

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